Gerald Sisco — SOLD

Gerald Gus Sisco (1946-2008), Untitled [abstract], graphite mixed with rhoplex (polymer medium) on canvas, 6 x 5 feet, c. 1975. The painting can be hung both vertically and horizontally (see photos below). Provenance: James Snidle Fine Arts, San Francisco, CA. This painting came direct from the artist’s estate.

Sisco was born on September 19, 1946 in Bakersfield, CA. He attended South High School and Bakersfield College. During the Vietnam War he served in the U.S. Navy. Afterwards Sisco attended U.C. Northridge then earned an MFA degree at the San Francisco Art Institute.

In the 1970s Sisco worked as a master printer at Crown Point Press, in Oakland, CA, where he did several projects with Sol LeWitt. Some of the editions (including: Grids, Using Straight, Not-Straight & Broken Lines in All Vertical & Horizontal Combinations) were printed by Parasol Press Ltd. New York.

An avid cyclist, Sisco cycled across the United States, Central and South America, through Europe, India, Burma, and along the Great Wall of China. Sisco lived in Brazil the last five years of his life.

The Lawson de Celle Gallery in San Francisco represented Sisco for many years.

The art critic Thomas Albright noted of Sisco’s work “The real beauty of these pieces, however, is in the manner with which the glossy surfaces catch and reflect light and, frequently, color, adding the subtlest nuances of richness to their somber, austere monochromes.” (“At the Galleries”, San Francisco Chronicle, October 2, 1976).

See reviews of Gerald Sisco’s work from Artweek & San Francisco Chronicle here:







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